detroit2020coverNow that Detroit 2020 is officially out and a thing ( and available to purchase here ) it’s time to share with y’all some of the more fun/interesting behind the scenes info that probably only my mom will read.

Hi, Mom, I’m sorry the book has a giant dildo in it.

For my writing projects I like to create playlists that feel/encompass to me the world of the story.  It’s nerdy, weird, and artsy fartsy but it really does help me in a couple of really important ways.

1.) Whenever it’s writing time, I kick on the playlist.  I’m no neurologist, but I like to think there’s some sort of neural mapping that gets me in a good writing place, sort of like whenever ABC is played I boogie down with Pavlovian swagger.

2.) Whenever I get stuck and go on my try-not-to-be-stuck-anymore walks, I play the playlist. As I wander around the neighborhood hoping that I’m not hit like Stephen King, I listen to the songs which hopefully keeps me in the head space of parts of the book that actually worked.

3.) This book wasn’t written by myself alone, but with B.L. Daniels.  In some of our late night meetings, we actually discussed with each other which songs encapsulated the universe for each of us.  He actually had picks I hadn’t even thought of, and adding them to the playlist forced his viewpoint into my brain when I was the one playing with the manuscript.

So here it is, the official playlist/soundtrack to Detroit 2020 on Spotify.  If you primarily use Apple Music, I’m sorry, I don’t.  If you primarily use Tidal, come on man, Life of Pablo wasn’t that good anyways and it’s now on Spotify.