This place has existed in a neither is nor isn’t state for a while.

That’s about to change.

What you find here is something that’s just trying to be by someone who’s just trying to be so someday he can be somebody before his somedays are gone. That was way more clever in my head.

Look, I don’t have life any more figured out than you do—less probably.


I wrote a book in 2015. It’s about vampires. I wrote a play that was full of Star Trek jokes and watched it performed. I’m writing and cowriting plays that are already scheduled in 2016. I should get to those. I cowrote a grindhouse scifi novella with Ben Daniels. It’s been a good, productive year.

I’ve also been streaming video games and writing video game reviews. I had a lot of luck writing good stuff over at Terrorphoria and Splitkick. I had a lot of fun doing stand up before; I’d like to do it again. My last music album was released in 2008. I don’t want it to be my last.

All of this unfocused brain swill deserves a home, and NoeticPulp is it.

bill-murray-netflix-1940x1351Also, we’re going to try something weird here: visual articles. Going forward, written pieces will all be accompanied by Youtube videos where millenials can indulge in how lazy they are presumed to be and listen to the article rather than read it. (Note: none of these pictures are actually me. They are of Bill Murray. He, like these weird, banal creations I feel necessary to thrust on the world, makes me happy.)

Noetic means relating to the brain and Pulp refers to cultural refuse. I’m all about meshing high brow content, thought, or effort with the lowest of low brow and wanted a name that reflected that. Also, was already taken.

Life expectancy for a bloke in Michigan is 78.2.  That means, averagely speaking, I have till August of 2065 to get my shit together and leave a mark on this world.  I can’t imagine I’ll be doing my best work north of the 2040’s so I better get started.

(Sorry, 53-year-old me.  I’m sure whatever you’re working on is great. bill-murray-golf-xlarge One or more of your kids is far more famous than you’ll ever be anyways.)

Meantime, let’s dig the ride.  I’ve got a crappy laptop with a gummed up spacebar and a microphone bought in a black Friday sale! Nothing* can stop me!

*in reality lots of things, such as but in no particular order: cholera, procrastination, depression, copious drug use, sudden onset death, impostor syndrome, lack of self confidence, poor spelling, internet pronography, katagelophobia, triteness, white man guilt, Law and Order episodes, and lacking G.S.D.